The Secret Fool Show

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Date(s) - 25/09/2014
8:00 pm

The Acorn


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The Secret Fools Show

Presented by The Forbidden ZerO’s Company


A fool mirrors life as it is, inviting us to question what is normal and what is natural. (Franki Anderson)


Who else but a fool would step onto an empty stage without knowing what he is going to do, say or play?


There’s only one chance and no-one knows what will happen.


A completely improvised performance of dance, drama and music, what takes place between the audience and the player is more than pure enjoyment, it opens a window into the workshop of the imagination.


In this show there are NO scripts and everything is created out of the moment, out of nothingness, so every show is different, a unique, shared moment between the performers and the audience.


Take the adventure and come to see this very special show, stepping hand in hand with the players

over the cliff and into the unknown.


The Fool:

The King is naked – he needs a child or a fool to speak the truth out loud to all.

Fools play with contemporary human dramas, with situations we all know, but pretend we don’t.


Players: Franki Anderson, Ray Bowler, Eric Mutch, Rikki Howard, Al Head, Roman Bloodworth, Daniela Schlemm